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 Links                            I made this site just to show all of the new covers people have been making for Imbnes.    

Last Update 07/07/2003 2:39 AM

                                7/07/03- I have been gone for a very long time...... Added a new cover and label. I think some other people have e-mailed me there covers but i have lost them. If u were one of them please e-mail me with it. And the creator of the new cd label i have lost your name if u can e-mail me that.

                                8/16/02- Started remodeling this site hopefully you think it's better then the old one. 
                                8/17/02- Just found out don't need to make the picture's links anymore. Just right-click and save and it should be correct size
                                8/30/02- Updated the site adding three covers and fixing other things.
                                10/1/02 - Added some new covers and added another botton(on left) to see my save icon I tryed to make.
                                10/4/02- Put MiniMystic_Man and NintendoDork_N64 Cd Label And Cover on the site.
                                10/5/02- Redid the buttons on the left to a flash thing
                                10/13/02- Made new page w/ flash
                                1/12/03- Fixed somethings on the sites. Will link [vEX]'s pic's to his .png pics soon.

                                 4/30/03- Added [vEX]'s DVD Cover. Tryed to fix some things on site and I also realized that it is better veiwed with a bigger screen like 1024 by 768 because with some of the other smaller resolution the pics are out of place.

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